Thursday, August 28, 2008

Strange Urge to Run Asshole Mario on DS

So I had I strange urge to run Asshole Mario (vid) on my DS. I'll give some instructions because it took me around 3 hours to figure this out.

1. Download the file listed on the right hand side of the YouTube page (here) -- rename the file to .ips
2. Download a SuperMarioWorld.smc SNES rom (only if you own the game of course)
3. Download WinIPS (here) -- run WinIPS, choose IPS Patching, open the file you downloaded in step one, open the rom, then press Apply

The Hack is Ready! But you only have 5 lives... You need infinite lives.
I find this next part awesome because it's possible :)

1. Download GGGP (here) <-- this is to patch a Game Genie code to a ROM!!
2. This is a list of cheats you can apply -- I would suggest the infinite lives cheat (but you can put in others aswell.
3. Open up Game Genie Game Patcher and type the following into code input:
Infinite Lives
Then click add codes. Check the box next to the new patch on the right hand side of the window. Then click Super Nintendo in the system box. Next press patch game and locate the ROM you have applyed the IPC patch to.

Now if you are one of the unfortunate people running Vista (like me) there will be an error when running GGGP. Here is how you fix it.
1. Download MSCOMCTL.OCX (here) <-- place it in C:\Windows\system32\
2. Then run command prompt as administrator. It should say "C:\Windows\system32>_". Type the following without quotes "RUNSVR32 MSCOMCTL.OCX".
3. Now run GGGP and follow the above directions

Play this on a computer?
Download zSNES (here)
Play on a DS? <-- to play on a DS you need a flashcart that is capable of DLDI support
Download and follow the directions for SNEmulDS (here)